Day: August 7, 2020

Surrender To The Elegance Of Gray!

Nobody likes gray days, but the truth is that this color, when we talk about decoration, has nothing sad. Halfway between bright white and sophisticated black, gray is a decoration classic . Versatile and easy to combine, this shade adapts to all styles and brings its note of elegance to each space. Let’s discover some tricks to use gray in our house:




The completely white walls have passed away . Today what it takes is to use a light gray tone, less cold and minimalist than white, and just as elegant and bright. It is valid for any room, but if you are thinking of dyeing your bathroom gray, we recommend that you go for microcement. There are many shades, but gray is the most common. There must be a reason…


2. Combine tones


One of the advantages of gray is that it combines with any color: from the most strident to the most muted. So, if you have painted the walls in gray , take advantage of using brightly colored textiles to give a happy touch to the room.


In addition, the range of gray is very wide, so you can mix different tones: so light that they are confused with raw white or so dark that they flirt with black. Gray has a thousand faces. Dare to try them all!


3. The color of balance


Gray is a perfect color for certain types of rooms, such as the bedroom . And it is that it manages to give balance and serenity to the spaces. Just what we all need when we go to bed.


4. Gray pieces: the sofa


Go ahead and buy gray furniture. Does it seem strange to you? Well, we have realized that it is not so. Brighter than black, yet just as stylish, gray is preferred over white because it doesn’t attract stains as easily as this one.


5. Perfect for all styles


Gray is the key color in industrial décor, but it is not the only style in which it has a place. The Scandinavian interiors have known how to use it like no other and it can not be missed if we want to give a modern but classic touch to our house. So there are no excuses. Whatever your home, gray can always bring its note of elegance .

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How To Give Privacy To Outdoor Spaces?

With the heat comes the desire to enjoy the outdoors of the home. Sunbathe, read, eat, have dinner, take a nap, have fun in the pool … these are some of the leisure moments to live alone or with family and friends, but always in privacy. There are many options to ensure that these spaces are protected, away from outside eyes; Choosing the right one will depend on your needs and budget.

The Garden

Creating an intimate garden, hidden from the gazes of curious or possible intruders, can be somewhat complicated due to its size, usually large. To begin with, the perimeter of the garden has to be closed. The best is the typical wooden fences or masonry walls, but a simpler or complementary solution may be the metal mesh for fences or lattices. For more privacy, you can add wood or bamboo paneling, or heather mesh.

Another option for fences or walls is to plant cypress bushes or trees like poplars. Of course, you must first consider the regulations that prohibit planting any tall species near a neighboring property.

Also, pergolas, gabezos, tents, umbrellas, or gazebos will help create more intimate spaces and, like awnings or tarps, protect from the sun and summer heat.

The terrace

The most common solution to isolate the terrace from other people’s eyes is shading lattices and meshes and canvases, heather, bamboo, plastic, wood, cane or wicker reeds. If the terrace walls are too low, you can also opt for fences or panels of wooden boards, to which you can add heather or hurdles.

Tall plants and small trees can also be very useful to cover the terrace’s view from outside: small palm trees, ficus, fruit trees such as mandarin or lemon trees … For example, those who do not want to complicate the issue of the watering can, If not, opt for artificial plants or artificial shrubs that simulate cypress trees.

To cover and hide the terrace’s dining area, the ideal is to place tarps, awnings, umbrellas, or parasols. A pergola or gabezo can be very useful and, also, it helps to reduce the effect of the sun’s rays.

The Balcony

Making the balcony an intimate and relaxing place can be more difficult due to its small size. You have to be aware of the available space and not clutter it up with things. First, if the balcony has bars, you can put a decorative tarp that hides behind it. Another option is to place meshes, heather, or hurdles that will also be isolated from the wind.

Placing plants, artificial or natural, also make the balcony a colorful and happy place. For the sides, it is best to opt for wooden or metal lattices or meshes and cover them with climbing plants or artificial plants. Awnings, umbrellas, or parasols, depending on the size of this space and the budget, help avoid the neighbors’ glances above while protecting from the sun’s rays.

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