Day: March 15, 2022

The Different Uses of A Rigid Fence

Rigid fence panels were widely used by professionals. We meet them more and more, now with the general public. Their ease of installation makes them attractive, and they adapt to all types of configurations are easily cut and installed without too much constraint through holes in the floor or on plates.

The mesh is stronger and more aesthetic, and it effectively protects against all types of intrusions. It is made of galvanized and plastic-coated steel, which prevents oxidation. It is the best choice for a quality/price/installation time ratio for a durable and aesthetic fence.

A rigid fence? To do what?

The adaptability of the rigid fence allows you to use it everywhere:

  • Secure your land against human or animal intrusion;
  • Prevent your pets from running away;
  • Ensuring safety around your swimming pool;
  • Mark out your land
  • Raise your seat.

The rigid fence panels will leave the view open on your land and will not harm the sun. However, you can easily hide from the vis-à-vis (see article)

Value your home

A fence with rigid panels will enhance your home. If you were to resell it one day, a fully fenced garden is often a selection criterion for future buyers. We thus feel “at home,” and the buyer does not have to provide an additional budget.

There are, therefore, only advantages to enclosing your garden with rigid panels: installation, durability, aesthetics, enhancement, for excellent value for money.

The rules to follow when installing or changing a rigid fence

The installation of a fence cannot be improvised. There are administrative restrictions to follow. First of all, you must make an appointment with the planning department of your town hall to inform you of the specific building standards, especially for the height that must be respected, as well as the materials and the color.

The prior declaration of work is mandatory; you can also take the opportunity to request your file. The distances vis-à-vis a private property or vis-à-vis the public road is often set by the local urban plan (PLU), the municipal map, or the local customs of your municipality. This is why an appointment with the town planning department has the advantage of being able to obtain all the information necessary for the construction of your fence in complete legality.


There are four scenarios where the declaration of the installation of a fence is not mandatory:

  • Fences that are not works such as ditches, hedges;
  • Works belonging to the same land unit;
  • Fences that have been the subject of planning permission: building permits, various works;
  • The fences are usually necessary for agricultural or forestry activity without contravening the rules of easements.

 The rigid panel standard

The standard specifies the carbon content of the steel used for rigid panels. It thus guarantees the panel in terms of durability and tensile strength. It is the guarantee that your rigid panel is manufactured according to precise specifications.

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