10 Ideas To Reuse Objects

Decorate, recycle and save. Reusing objects to give them a new functionality can be an easy and fun task, you just need a little time and imagination and, voilà, enjoy a new look in your home!

Hangers that were spools of thread or knobs

Sometimes an object as small and simple as a spool of thread can go a long way. Anchored to the wall using a screw, it can work perfectly as a funny and colorful hanger for necklaces or light objects. The door or drawer knobs can work in the same way; an original and cheap way to personalize your bedroom .

Table legs that were magazines

If you are one of those who accumulate magazines over the years, you have to know that one way to make them useful is by turning them into legs for a table and even a table itself. You just have to stack them in columns of the same height, gluing some covers with others, to secure them. To prevent them from spoiling when you mop, place some wooden bases. Finally, add a crystal if you consider it necessary.

Paper baskets that were newspapers

If you like crafts, this can be one of the simplest and most practical. It is about taking newspaper sheets (you can paint them, to make them more striking) and turning them into baskets . First, cut the leaves into strips and, later, go braided with each other, helping you with glue to fix the work, until you get small squares. To give it the proper shape, you must fold the strips 90º upwards, until you reach the desired height of the basket. If you put a ribbon on the upper edge, you will give it more firmness and decorative strength. Once finished, you can protect it with varnish and decorate it to your liking.

Textiles that become tables, headboards or organizers

If you have some pieces of fabric or scraps of beautiful colors and patterns around the house, you can make them useful by framing them. Placing them on a frame or hard cardboard you can turn them into beautiful pictures that, combined with others, can decorate any space in the house. Other uses for the remnants can be to make a new upholstery for a headboard or, placed on a cork board, an original organizer. In addition, you can also reuse sheets to create curtains and other accessories.

Vases that used to be teapots

A glass or porcelain teapot or coffee pot can be equally attractive when used as a vase or vase, especially if it is a classic or vintage design . The same happens with old jugs or watering cans.

Coat racks and shelves that were drawers

Taking advantage of antique dresser drawers and other pieces of furniture can be a rewarding way to recycle thanks to their versatility. Among the new functions that they can exercise, is that of a shelf. Screwed to the wall, they can be used to place multiple objects, from books to decorative accessories . In addition, the front of the drawers can be very useful when creating coat racks for the wall. Creative and cheap.

Desk organizers that were cardboard boxes

Letters, tape, pencils, paper clips, markers and various papers. Turning your desk into a tidy place is easier with organizers. Sometimes, there are objects at home that can help you with this, such as cardboard cereal boxes and others. It’s so easy: cardboard, scissors, glue, wrapping or wall paper, and a little imagination. You dare?

Guitar cases turned into trunks or cabinets

A guitar case can be a perfect trunk. You can also place some rods or spacers inside, to achieve an original closet or shelf. To give it a unique touch, you can cover it inside with a pretty paper .

Plates turned into pictures for the walls

A vintage, incomplete and even inherited tableware. Dishes come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Who says they can’t decorate your walls? If you don’t like them, you can customize them to your liking. Forget the pictures.

Key holders or hangers that were covered

Over the years, the cutlery gets lost or broken. Placed on a painted wood it can serve as an original key holder or hanger. You just have to glue the cutlery pieces to the wooden base and fold them up.

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