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5 Built-In Furniture Options for Your Deck

Your deck’s furniture is what makes it unique and provides your family with a space to relax, entertain guest and take in the view. Whether you are planning on installing built-in furniture or are currently shopping for some new outdoor seating, there are plenty of options that will suit your budget and provide years of enjoyment for generations to come. Here are 5 items to consider adding to your deck as part of an overall design or upgrade plan.

Built-In Seating Options for Your Deck : Perhaps the most common option for adding built-in furniture is creating seating areas where none existed before. This can be accomplished by creating benches out of wood boards secured into place with metal brackets, building individual chairs out of wood or creating unique conversation areas by adding cushions, pillows and other soft furnishings to your deck.

Built-In BBQ : Another option for those looking to upgrade their deck is to install a barbecue on the back of their home. While this may seem like a big project, it’s really not and can be done easily if you follow the proper steps. If you go down this route, make sure that you take into account height restrictions by using an area on your roof or get creative and add some legs underneath your deck in order to meet building code elevation requirements when installing a standalone barbecue unit.

Built-In Outdoor Fireplace : Many homeowners want an outdoor fireplace but are afraid of the safety concerns they bring along with them. If you are looking to install an outdoor fireplace on your deck, it’s important that you pick the right type. One of the most popular is called a “free standing” fireplace which is basically a standalone unit that superimposes itself in front/around your deck and has its own internal heat source. You can also add fire pits to your existing deck as another option for those who want flames without having to worry about building codes or installation work.

Built-In Bbq Grill : While this may seem obvious, there are many homeowners out there who will purchase an expensive barbecue grill only to put it outside on their patio and call it good. Another common mistake is overlooking the importance of creating enough space for people around the grill area, as well as making it accessible by having a non-slip surface underneath. One of the best practices for building this type of area is to construct a platform between your deck and patio out of wood or masonry (such as brick) blocks that can be used to elevate the grill unit above the ground and provide additional room for moving around while grilling up some tasty burgers, steaks or other delicious grilled foods.

Built-In Wood Storage : The last idea I will mention in this article is built-in storage for firewood, both on your deck and elsewhere on your property. This may sound strange at first but storing firewood inside of an enclosed space such as under your deck actually helps keep moisture levels low which in turn helps to prevent the wood from getting moldy as it sits in storage. It also keeps the wood dry which prevents it from rotting and makes for an easier time when you go out to fire up your stove or grill when the weather warms up.

So there you have it: 5 built-in furniture options that are perfect for creating seating areas on your deck. If you have any questions about these ideas or would like more information about adding built-in furniture to your deck, feel free to contact a local contractor to discuss possible ways of making this a reality for yourself!…

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