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The Different Uses of A Rigid Fence

Rigid fence panels were widely used by professionals. We meet them more and more, now with the general public. Their ease of installation makes them attractive, and they adapt to all types of configurations are easily cut and installed without too much constraint through holes in the floor or on plates.

The mesh is stronger and more aesthetic, and it effectively protects against all types of intrusions. It is made of galvanized and plastic-coated steel, which prevents oxidation. It is the best choice for a quality/price/installation time ratio for a durable and aesthetic fence.

A rigid fence? To do what?

The adaptability of the rigid fence allows you to use it everywhere:

  • Secure your land against human or animal intrusion;
  • Prevent your pets from running away;
  • Ensuring safety around your swimming pool;
  • Mark out your land
  • Raise your seat.

The rigid fence panels will leave the view open on your land and will not harm the sun. However, you can easily hide from the vis-à-vis (see article)

Value your home

A fence with rigid panels will enhance your home. If you were to resell it one day, a fully fenced garden is often a selection criterion for future buyers. We thus feel “at home,” and the buyer does not have to provide an additional budget.

There are, therefore, only advantages to enclosing your garden with rigid panels: installation, durability, aesthetics, enhancement, for excellent value for money.

The rules to follow when installing or changing a rigid fence

The installation of a fence cannot be improvised. There are administrative restrictions to follow. First of all, you must make an appointment with the planning department of your town hall to inform you of the specific building standards, especially for the height that must be respected, as well as the materials and the color.

The prior declaration of work is mandatory; you can also take the opportunity to request your file. The distances vis-à-vis a private property or vis-à-vis the public road is often set by the local urban plan (PLU), the municipal map, or the local customs of your municipality. This is why an appointment with the town planning department has the advantage of being able to obtain all the information necessary for the construction of your fence in complete legality.


There are four scenarios where the declaration of the installation of a fence is not mandatory:

  • Fences that are not works such as ditches, hedges;
  • Works belonging to the same land unit;
  • Fences that have been the subject of planning permission: building permits, various works;
  • The fences are usually necessary for agricultural or forestry activity without contravening the rules of easements.

 The rigid panel standard

The standard specifies the carbon content of the steel used for rigid panels. It thus guarantees the panel in terms of durability and tensile strength. It is the guarantee that your rigid panel is manufactured according to precise specifications.

We would be happy to answer any of your questions, and we can provide you with a free quote as well. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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What Type of Fencing is Right for Your Business?

When it comes to fencing, there are many things to consider. You need to decide if you want an enclosed or open fence. You also need to decide if you want a professional fence made by your home builder. There are also many different types of fences, such as privacy fences, storm fences, and pedestrian fences.

What is an enclosed fence?

Enclosed fences are fences that are built inside a business or home. These fences usually have a closed gate, and the fence is usually built around an area used for business or private purposes. Enclosed fences are often more expensive to build than open fences, and they may not be as secure.

What is an open fence?

An open fence is a fence that is not enclosed by walls. It can be used to protect property from trespassers or keep animals inside.

What are the different types of fences?

There are three main types of fences: enclosed, open, and pedestrian. An enclosed fence is a fence built in a single block surrounding the property. An open fence is a fence that allows people to pass through but not inside the property. A pedestrian fence is a fence that allows people to walk through but not into the property.

How should you choose a fence?

The type of fence you choose affects a lot of things. For example, if you want an enclosed fence, you need to make sure the fence is strong and durable. You also need to decide if you want a professional fence made by your home builder. You should also decide how much money you want to spend on the fence.

How much money should you spend on fencing?

When it comes to fencing, the amount of money you spend will depend on a few factors. For example, if you want an enclosed fence, you’ll need to spend more money than an open fence. Additionally, if you’re going to have people passing through your property, you’ll want to choose a more durable fence that can handle more traffic.

If you can find a cheaper alternative that meets your needs, do so!

Contact True Built Fencing, a fence contractor in Austin TX, and let professionals build your perfect fence.

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5 Built-In Furniture Options for Your Deck

Your deck’s furniture is what makes it unique and provides your family with a space to relax, entertain guest and take in the view. Whether you are planning on installing built-in furniture or are currently shopping for some new outdoor seating, there are plenty of options that will suit your budget and provide years of enjoyment for generations to come. Here are 5 items to consider adding to your deck as part of an overall design or upgrade plan.

Built-In Seating Options for Your Deck : Perhaps the most common option for adding built-in furniture is creating seating areas where none existed before. This can be accomplished by creating benches out of wood boards secured into place with metal brackets, building individual chairs out of wood or creating unique conversation areas by adding cushions, pillows and other soft furnishings to your deck.

Built-In BBQ : Another option for those looking to upgrade their deck is to install a barbecue on the back of their home. While this may seem like a big project, it’s really not and can be done easily if you follow the proper steps. If you go down this route, make sure that you take into account height restrictions by using an area on your roof or get creative and add some legs underneath your deck in order to meet building code elevation requirements when installing a standalone barbecue unit.

Built-In Outdoor Fireplace : Many homeowners want an outdoor fireplace but are afraid of the safety concerns they bring along with them. If you are looking to install an outdoor fireplace on your deck, it’s important that you pick the right type. One of the most popular is called a “free standing” fireplace which is basically a standalone unit that superimposes itself in front/around your deck and has its own internal heat source. You can also add fire pits to your existing deck as another option for those who want flames without having to worry about building codes or installation work.

Built-In Bbq Grill : While this may seem obvious, there are many homeowners out there who will purchase an expensive barbecue grill only to put it outside on their patio and call it good. Another common mistake is overlooking the importance of creating enough space for people around the grill area, as well as making it accessible by having a non-slip surface underneath. One of the best practices for building this type of area is to construct a platform between your deck and patio out of wood or masonry (such as brick) blocks that can be used to elevate the grill unit above the ground and provide additional room for moving around while grilling up some tasty burgers, steaks or other delicious grilled foods.

Built-In Wood Storage : The last idea I will mention in this article is built-in storage for firewood, both on your deck and elsewhere on your property. This may sound strange at first but storing firewood inside of an enclosed space such as under your deck actually helps keep moisture levels low which in turn helps to prevent the wood from getting moldy as it sits in storage. It also keeps the wood dry which prevents it from rotting and makes for an easier time when you go out to fire up your stove or grill when the weather warms up.

So there you have it: 5 built-in furniture options that are perfect for creating seating areas on your deck. If you have any questions about these ideas or would like more information about adding built-in furniture to your deck, feel free to contact a local contractor to discuss possible ways of making this a reality for yourself!…

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Quick Tips For The Design And Renovation Of Your Bathroom

Here are eight quick tips for designing and remodeling your bathroom in an elegant way and saving money. Thinking about how we are going to carry out the remodeling can be a real headache or it can be an exciting process if it is well planned to avoid mistakes that can later cause problems over time.

  • You must understand the standard dimensions of the bathroom, since some measurements are key in this way you can make an efficient design. The size of the tub you want and how much space you need for a toilet are just a few.
  • The cheap shower tray should not be missing in your bathroom, since they are essential to help you direct the water in the shower, apart from the fact that they dress the space a lot and save you a ceramic space. You can find them made of ceramics and acrylics.
  • The materials you hope to build with are essential to include in your budget. This will allow you to verify where you should prioritize expenses. It is recommended that if your budget is low, invest more in faucets, shower trays and bathtubs since it is what gives your bathroom a view.
  • Lighting should be one of your priorities, that is, to establish a lighting scheme, you will need four types of light: task, accent, decorative and ambient.
  • Task: It is the light that will favor the mirror .
  • Accent:It is one that draws attention to the design details that the bathroom has.
  • Decorative :Use a wall lamp, chandelier, or pendant to add visual sparkle.
  • Environment:Sunlight through windows and roof fixtures such as skylights.
  • The toilet should not be the first thing you see when you open the door. Choosing the right toilet is essential without forgetting the shower tray that you must bring to help direct the water and prevent it from causing risks.
  • Decorate with natural and positive energy ornaments such as scented candles, ornamental plants, fresh smelling soaps, scented salts, ornaments such as elephants and owls. All of this will raise the vibrations.
  • Decorate your bathroom in white for elegant simplicity. White furniture and countertops or countertops create the background view for a simple and elegant bathroom. A small casual bathroom can look more expensive and more stylish if the biggest expense is spent on bathing suits and white towels.
  • Instead of laying expensive stone mosaic all over the place, you can save by designing a “rug” or tile with just a few square feet of something eye-catching and using large format field tiles on a coordinating stone around it, not just A good design will attract attention but it will help you in your budget.

A bathroom can be remodeled in one to two weeks. It is not something that can be done for two or three days. Sufficient time is needed to be able to carry out quality work, especially when you want to take care of the maximum level of detail. If so, surely you are not contemplating the steps and activities necessary for the job to finish with the required quality.…

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Project Your Style! 5 Tips To Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget

Do you want a simple or a luxury room? Believe it or not, you can achieve very sophisticated results on a small budget. For example, there is cheap bathroom furniture that can help you achieve a vintage or minimalist style, very popular these days. Among all the textures, colors, and facets of interior decoration, there is more than one article that can fit your vision and offer you both elegance and functionality, considering the needs and limitations of those who will have access, whether they are children, the elderly or just you and your partner.

Bathroom remodeling Austin TX knows that remodeling costs can be quite high today, which is why you may not have considered the possibility of making modifications to your bathroom. However, as we mentioned before, there are tricks that will help you make your space completely change its appearance so that it looks more modern and attractive, without the need to go bankrupt. Either because you want your home to project something different or because you want to work on those changes and occupy your free time in something that makes you happy, these tips will be very useful.

The tiles are today

The typical boring bathroom is one that is covered in white paint or ceramic, with even more pristine accessories. Everything is the same, with a continuity that tires to the eye. Do you think that your bathroom lacks personality? This can be a great opportunity to print something of your own style on the walls of your home and, for this, nothing better than a modern brushstroke, perhaps with a psychedelic touch. How about a tiled wall? This material can help you create a focal point without having to knock down walls or replace the entire siding.

Accessories to your liking

If you already have the canvas of your work of art ready, in this case, the walls, it is time for you to choose the furniture that matches and highlights the type of design you want to work on. A light blue bathroom cabinet, on a ceramic or white granite background, can give a very chic touch to the whole. Remember that color is one of the most effective ways to create visual impact and modify the style without spending a lot of money. To freshen up your bathroom, employ a bold color palette and use it not only on the walls but also on accessories. You put the limits!

Mirrors that impact

Forget the typical rectangular mirror with a repeating pattern, which is present in almost every home. Your parents have it, probably your neighbor and your friends. Be original! The mirror can be the icing on the cake in your bathroom décor, so choose one that really conveys your own style. To avoid incurring excess expenses, you can visit second-hand or cheap furniture stores, where you will find good deals; And, of course, explore the possibilities that the internet offers you.

Coat your floors

New trends in floor coverings allow you to be original without spending a lot of money, making any remodeling project a piece of cake. You can turn to technologies like easy-to-install vinyl, laminate, and tile flooring. Luckily, most bathrooms are small and, if this is your case, surely the capital required to invest will not be very significant.

Own the vintage style

Old is not necessarily bad or inelegant. Quite the opposite! Those sanitary pieces from your grandma’s time can work to your advantage for luxurious results. Keep in mind that the appeal of vintage items is that they are classic and unique, making it difficult to find similar models in department stores. So take advantage of what you already have and enjoy renovating your home.…

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Develop Your Outdoor Courtyard In 2021

While many will have been surprised by a rather special spring 2021, others will have taken the opportunity to redo their outdoor landscaping in Austin. Indeed, the extraordinary situation will force the population to avoid travel and therefore make the most of their backyard. To inspire you and make you dream, your interior design expert offers you current trends.

Elegance, simplicity, and natural appearance are the main directions. In order to keep up with trends, designers will opt for neutral and timeless materials, which will also prove to be a wise choice in the long term.

A look that is both natural and distinguished

In design, wood, stone, just like concrete or even terrazzo, have always been associated with looks presenting a rich and warm allure. This year, the same concept is sought in landscaping in Austin. The choice of colors will also be oriented in the same direction. It will therefore be necessary to choose shades of gray and beige for a more classic style or palettes of gray and white for more modern looks. No matter what style you choose, it will be a good idea to add a flamboyant touch to enhance your decor. This accent color can be added thanks to the plants and flowers chosen or with the fabrics integrated into the furniture.

Feel like inside

Because everyone loves to extend the moments spent outdoors, the guideline of development plans is to integrate distinct spaces that each have their vocation. Outdoor kitchen, dining area, fireplace, and relaxation area, with a little imagination and planning, it is possible to create a real little paradise and this, regardless of the size of the land.

Using the right materials will make a real difference in style. Why not combine wood and stone to define an area? The integration of flower beds or even an urban vegetable garden is also an interesting choice, especially when you like having a few fresh herbs and vegetables to hand.

A swimming pool like in your dreams

Transparent walls, infinity pool, swimming lane, integrated spa, waterfall, there is no lack of choice of pool model. The pool is a centerpiece, and it can certainly influence the ambiance of the backyard. As the shape of the pool, the color of the canvas will be decisive in setting the tone for the chosen look.

Regarding the choice of uni-stone, large formats are popular in terms of pool surroundings. For a chic and refined look, it will be interesting to opt for a square slab of light color without a combination of patterns. While for a more classic and warm atmosphere, the choice of a multifaceted natural stone and the integration of a slightly darker color would bring a calm and soothing effect.

The 2021 trends can certainly be a source of inspiration for the design of the backyard. Do not hesitate to talk about your ideas with a landscaping expert. And if you need design support, we can certainly refer you.

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The Construction Of A Wooden Deck: Structure And Installation

In the context of exterior fittings, the use of wooden deck boards is more and more frequent. The wooden slats do not require a heavy foundation for a tile or a block of decorative concrete; moreover, they do not require any particular maintenance contrary to popular belief.


More and more individuals make their wooden decks when they have the time and the necessary equipment. But it is also easy to find professionals offering this type of service, whether they are carpenters, landscapers, or builders of wooden houses.


For several years, wooden decks have developed with the emergence of new materials, new laying techniques but also detailed regulations that describe the standards to be respected for construction.


Choose to lay your deck yourself:


To help you visualize your future achievement, it is best to draw your project on a plan by noting the measurements. It will be easier to visualize the installation constraints, whether on the heights, the reservations required for planters or decorative beds, and the passage of wires for the lighting.


At deck builder San Antonio, we will be able to give you the advice to get you started with all the keys to successfully install your wooden deck like a real pro.


First of all, you must refer to the regulations and administrative procedures for deck constructions to know whether it is your responsibility to obtain a building permit or not. But do not worry, there are very few restrictions, and this type of work often does not require any prior declaration since it is most of the time, just a simple dressing.


On a concrete slab, all you have to do is wedge the joints level on the slab. Depending on the heights to be recovered, different types of wedges are possible, with forks shims, of the toothed chocks, of PVC pads, or wooden wedges. It is not necessary to follow the slope of the concrete slab.




The deck should be level because the water will flow anyway between the boards than on the slab before draining out. The fact of wedging precisely allows good drainage of the slab and creates an airstream under the structure and thus avoids the stagnation of humidity.


Stabilized soil is meant stone, earth, dam, etc., the hardness and stability of which makes it possible to serve as a base for decks supports. For example, a well-compacted earthen soil that has not been stirred for years may be suitable. It will simply be necessary to ensure that the places where the studs are located are very stable. The idea is to provide enough support under each joint.


Depending on the section of wood used and the direction of installation, the support points may be more or less spaced between 70 cm and 1.20 m on average for a standard joist section, depending on whether it is flat or on edge. Depending on the height to catch up, it is also possible to create a wooden frame type structure to accommodate the wooden deck.




Installation on the unstable ground requires a little more structural work. It will be necessary to create a solid foundation on which to distribute the points of support for the future wooden deck, even if ultimately more or less the same principles as those described above apply.


Several options are available: the use of concrete blocks, more or less deep, a concrete block full (on sandy soils, for example) of foundation bolts, woodpiles. All these techniques are good and allow us to create stable and strong bases.


Overall, building anything from scratch requires effort, and most deck companies know this from the start. Keep in mind: The number of anchors depends on the section of wood used to create the framework of the deck: if they are simple joints, a lot of support will have to be provided, whereas if load-bearing beams are used, much less will be required.…

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Surrender To The Elegance Of Gray!

Nobody likes gray days, but the truth is that this color, when we talk about decoration, has nothing sad. Halfway between bright white and sophisticated black, gray is a decoration classic . Versatile and easy to combine, this shade adapts to all styles and brings its note of elegance to each space. Let’s discover some tricks to use gray in our house:




The completely white walls have passed away . Today what it takes is to use a light gray tone, less cold and minimalist than white, and just as elegant and bright. It is valid for any room, but if you are thinking of dyeing your bathroom gray, we recommend that you go for microcement. There are many shades, but gray is the most common. There must be a reason…


2. Combine tones


One of the advantages of gray is that it combines with any color: from the most strident to the most muted. So, if you have painted the walls in gray , take advantage of using brightly colored textiles to give a happy touch to the room.


In addition, the range of gray is very wide, so you can mix different tones: so light that they are confused with raw white or so dark that they flirt with black. Gray has a thousand faces. Dare to try them all!


3. The color of balance


Gray is a perfect color for certain types of rooms, such as the bedroom . And it is that it manages to give balance and serenity to the spaces. Just what we all need when we go to bed.


4. Gray pieces: the sofa


Go ahead and buy gray furniture. Does it seem strange to you? Well, we have realized that it is not so. Brighter than black, yet just as stylish, gray is preferred over white because it doesn’t attract stains as easily as this one.


5. Perfect for all styles


Gray is the key color in industrial décor, but it is not the only style in which it has a place. The Scandinavian interiors have known how to use it like no other and it can not be missed if we want to give a modern but classic touch to our house. So there are no excuses. Whatever your home, gray can always bring its note of elegance .

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How To Give Privacy To Outdoor Spaces?

With the heat comes the desire to enjoy the outdoors of the home. Sunbathe, read, eat, have dinner, take a nap, have fun in the pool … these are some of the leisure moments to live alone or with family and friends, but always in privacy. There are many options to ensure that these spaces are protected, away from outside eyes; Choosing the right one will depend on your needs and budget.

The Garden

Creating an intimate garden, hidden from the gazes of curious or possible intruders, can be somewhat complicated due to its size, usually large. To begin with, the perimeter of the garden has to be closed. The best is the typical wooden fences or masonry walls, but a simpler or complementary solution may be the metal mesh for fences or lattices. For more privacy, you can add wood or bamboo paneling, or heather mesh.

Another option for fences or walls is to plant cypress bushes or trees like poplars. Of course, you must first consider the regulations that prohibit planting any tall species near a neighboring property.

Also, pergolas, gabezos, tents, umbrellas, or gazebos will help create more intimate spaces and, like awnings or tarps, protect from the sun and summer heat.

The terrace

The most common solution to isolate the terrace from other people’s eyes is shading lattices and meshes and canvases, heather, bamboo, plastic, wood, cane or wicker reeds. If the terrace walls are too low, you can also opt for fences or panels of wooden boards, to which you can add heather or hurdles.

Tall plants and small trees can also be very useful to cover the terrace’s view from outside: small palm trees, ficus, fruit trees such as mandarin or lemon trees … For example, those who do not want to complicate the issue of the watering can, If not, opt for artificial plants or artificial shrubs that simulate cypress trees.

To cover and hide the terrace’s dining area, the ideal is to place tarps, awnings, umbrellas, or parasols. A pergola or gabezo can be very useful and, also, it helps to reduce the effect of the sun’s rays.

The Balcony

Making the balcony an intimate and relaxing place can be more difficult due to its small size. You have to be aware of the available space and not clutter it up with things. First, if the balcony has bars, you can put a decorative tarp that hides behind it. Another option is to place meshes, heather, or hurdles that will also be isolated from the wind.

Placing plants, artificial or natural, also make the balcony a colorful and happy place. For the sides, it is best to opt for wooden or metal lattices or meshes and cover them with climbing plants or artificial plants. Awnings, umbrellas, or parasols, depending on the size of this space and the budget, help avoid the neighbors’ glances above while protecting from the sun’s rays.

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10 Ideas To Reuse Objects

Decorate, recycle and save. Reusing objects to give them a new functionality can be an easy and fun task, you just need a little time and imagination and, voilà, enjoy a new look in your home!

Hangers that were spools of thread or knobs

Sometimes an object as small and simple as a spool of thread can go a long way. Anchored to the wall using a screw, it can work perfectly as a funny and colorful hanger for necklaces or light objects. The door or drawer knobs can work in the same way; an original and cheap way to personalize your bedroom .

Table legs that were magazines

If you are one of those who accumulate magazines over the years, you have to know that one way to make them useful is by turning them into legs for a table and even a table itself. You just have to stack them in columns of the same height, gluing some covers with others, to secure them. To prevent them from spoiling when you mop, place some wooden bases. Finally, add a crystal if you consider it necessary.

Paper baskets that were newspapers

If you like crafts, this can be one of the simplest and most practical. It is about taking newspaper sheets (you can paint them, to make them more striking) and turning them into baskets . First, cut the leaves into strips and, later, go braided with each other, helping you with glue to fix the work, until you get small squares. To give it the proper shape, you must fold the strips 90º upwards, until you reach the desired height of the basket. If you put a ribbon on the upper edge, you will give it more firmness and decorative strength. Once finished, you can protect it with varnish and decorate it to your liking.

Textiles that become tables, headboards or organizers

If you have some pieces of fabric or scraps of beautiful colors and patterns around the house, you can make them useful by framing them. Placing them on a frame or hard cardboard you can turn them into beautiful pictures that, combined with others, can decorate any space in the house. Other uses for the remnants can be to make a new upholstery for a headboard or, placed on a cork board, an original organizer. In addition, you can also reuse sheets to create curtains and other accessories.

Vases that used to be teapots

A glass or porcelain teapot or coffee pot can be equally attractive when used as a vase or vase, especially if it is a classic or vintage design . The same happens with old jugs or watering cans.

Coat racks and shelves that were drawers

Taking advantage of antique dresser drawers and other pieces of furniture can be a rewarding way to recycle thanks to their versatility. Among the new functions that they can exercise, is that of a shelf. Screwed to the wall, they can be used to place multiple objects, from books to decorative accessories . In addition, the front of the drawers can be very useful when creating coat racks for the wall. Creative and cheap.

Desk organizers that were cardboard boxes

Letters, tape, pencils, paper clips, markers and various papers. Turning your desk into a tidy place is easier with organizers. Sometimes, there are objects at home that can help you with this, such as cardboard cereal boxes and others. It’s so easy: cardboard, scissors, glue, wrapping or wall paper, and a little imagination. You dare?

Guitar cases turned into trunks or cabinets

A guitar case can be a perfect trunk. You can also place some rods or spacers inside, to achieve an original closet or shelf. To give it a unique touch, you can cover it inside with a pretty paper .

Plates turned into pictures for the walls

A vintage, incomplete and even inherited tableware. Dishes come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Who says they can’t decorate your walls? If you don’t like them, you can customize them to your liking. Forget the pictures.

Key holders or hangers that were covered

Over the years, the cutlery gets lost or broken. Placed on a painted wood it can serve as an original key holder or hanger. You just have to glue the cutlery pieces to the wooden base and fold them up.…

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