xWhat Is Paintless Dent Repair St. Paul?

paintless dent repair St Paul

PDR is a non-invasive and environmentally friendly auto body hail damage repair St. Paul method that eliminates dents, dings, and hail damage without affecting the paint job. The process works by using specialized tools to gently push the dents out of the car body, without damaging the original paint job.

How Does It Work?

When a technician comes in to work on your car, they’ll use special equipment to examine and assess the damage. They’ll then take a closer look at the problem area with a special light panel, and will use specialized tools to manipulate and reshape the metal in precise locations.

The PDR process can be used for a variety of dents and creases, but it is especially useful for small accent dents or dings that aren’t accompanied by any paint damage at all. It can also be effective on larger dents that have been caused by hailstorms or other minor accidents.

How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost in St. Paul?

Typically, paintless dent removal is faster than traditional body shop methods and can be completed within a day. This is because the technicians have specialized skills and tools to remove even the toughest dings and creases without damaging the paint job.

Is It Safe?

If you’re looking for a body shop in Saint Paul that offers an environmentally-friendly, non-invasive and affordable way to fix your car, look no further than Gerber. The company’s state-of-the-art equipment, experienced technicians and comprehensive customer service make them a top choice for PDR services.

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